Orwell Challenge Sponsored Walk

Orwell Challenge Sponsored Walk

April 3, 2024

On the 23rd June, we will be embarking on a 14 mile journey on the Orwell Challenge, to raise money for our Charity of the Year – Suffolk Mind.

Suffolk Mind is a charitable organisation dedicated to promoting mental health and wellbeing in the Suffolk. They offer a wide range of services and programs aimed at supporting individuals of all ages who may be experiencing mental health challenges. From counselling and therapy sessions to educational workshops and community outreach initiatives, Suffolk Mind strives to reduce stigma, increase awareness and provide accessible resources for those in need. Their efforts not only focus on addressing existing mental health issues but also on promoting positive mental wellbeing and resilience across the community. Through their dedication and commitment, Suffolk Mind plays a vital role in improving the overall mental health landscape and fostering a supportive environment where individuals can thrive.

We would like to raise £3,000 for Suffolk Mind through the Orwell Challenge. Any donation would make such a difference to the important work they do.

If you would like to sponsor the team for this walk, please scan the QR code below or click here.