St Josephs College Chapel Refurbishment

The Chapel at St Josephs College was built in 1967 and bears a resemblance to that of the near-contemporary Hopwood Hall College Chapel by Fredrick Gibberd, which is itself a miniature rendition of Gibberd’s Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. The Chapel’s modern vaulted timber-framed design was in tune with the new wave of churches commissioned from Architects, firmly committed to the modern movement in the 1960s. These designs being strongly influenced by Scandinavian design and the use of wood, which is reflected in both the Chapel’s structural and interior design.

In 2019 the building underwent extensive refurbishment works, including structural repairs the boomerang glulam frame, repair & replacement of rainwater goods, redesign & replacement of glazed Cupola, and new heating & lighting installations.

The building is now back in use, and once again the heart of the school.



St Josephs College, Belstead Road, Ipswich


St Josephs College