House in Suffolk

A replacement dwelling set within a secluded area of Suffolk which achieved the client’s dream of a modernist home with a varied material palette.

The house forms a series of planes, walls and volumes. Attention is captured by a first floor projecting window facing west, under which a sheltered front door leads to the central double height corridor. The clerestorey glazing allows the roof plane to float above, but also provides necessary stack ventilation to the whole house, operable through automatic sensors.

The house is divided between the north and the south sides, allowing peaceful retreat from the more public to the smaller private areas. The north side, more visible to the public footpath and landscape, is formed through a simple material palette and series of windows in largely solid walls, which protect the snug, study and utility rooms. The central core is clad in a reconstituted granite rainscreen cladding, anchoring the centre of the house. White render and vertical timber boarding which are common Suffolk materials, are used to create a modern interplay of colour and texture across the two floors.

Contractor: Gipping Construction
Structural Engineer: Superstructures
Quantity Surveyor: Gill Associates
Landscape Designer: Isobel Bilgen
Lighting: Norwich Architectural Lighting Company Ltd