The Bull Ride

The redevelopment of the building known as “The Bull Ride”, located on New Street, in Woodbridge, is comprised of 5 new dwellings in a town centre location with an A3 Unit occupying the frontage to New Street. The existing building fronts the highway and extends down into the Naverne Valley.

The proposals were achived by the demolition of the rear half of the building, which was reconstructed using bricks reclaimed from the demolition process. The unique sloping ridgeline and roof form of the building has been retained and punctuated by contemporary interventions.

The approved design was the result of a collaborative process between the Wincer Kievenaar and the East Suffolk Planning team. We believe the result is a successful and honest approach to the redevlopment of this unique building within the conservation area of Woodbridge.


Woodbridge, Suffolk


Foundation Properties